To keep the financial and business records in the right way is our main principle. We always try to work in accordance with the framework of law the Republic of Turkey, its regulations and rules and try to fit to international standards, while producing and selling our products.
All present activities and operations of our company are being done, without any benefit expectations to all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies and to political parties. We fulfill our obligations with responsibility.
All employees of HAKSAN Automotive Inc.  are working with their own wish. Any employee shall be forced and even feel as compelled .  All of our employees are equally treated and accepted as individiual units of the company. Individual rights and freedoms are respected.

In Haksan Automotive Inc. , according to the law of Republic of Turkey any child and young employee laboring is accepted and supported.
All employees of Haksan Automotive Inc. are protected from physical, sexual, verbal and moral violation.
Haksan Automotive Inc. would not let to its employees to be violated in work place or in any place related to the company’s duties. Any behavior against to the law of Republic of Turkey and ethical rules of HAKSAN Automotive Inc. would be tolerated.
All payments in Haksan Automotive Inc. are being implemented according to the laws of Republic of Turkey. All rights of employees are protected  by employment contract and they receive all payments and benefits policies without any lack.  All earned money for overtime works also paid on time and without lack. 
All regulations about payment also concern our suppliers and deserved  payments regarding with received service  are made in accordance with the law, on time and complete.


The acceptance of gifts, entertainment or other favors from persons or companies that maintain or seek business relations with the business partner or the acceptance of cash, merchandise or service discounts are prohibited . It is also concerned for third-party persons or organizations.
However, in case when the customers/suppliers send a gift, it is allowed to receive in token of respect to them. Moreover, if the price of the gift is not over 100 TL it is possible to receive for any employee by informing senior management.
Haksan Automotive Inc. obeys to the Laboring laws of Republic of Turkey about normal working hours and overtime works. However over time works are done entirely in voluntary way. For the subcontractors, serving inside the Haksan’s area, the working rights stay without changes.
Haksan Automotive Inc. is the organization which offers equal opportunities to all its workers.  There is not allowed any age, race, creed, color, sex, language, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran, political opinion, military status, real or perceived disability or handicap and  religion discriminations. 
This policy, hiring, placement, promotion, termination of employment, layoffs, recall, transfer, leave, pay and training, applies to all employment terms and conditions.
HAKSAN AUTOMOTIVE INC keeps the usage of the personal rights of employees fully and accurately, gives importance to the new ideas and thoughts. It regards in fair and non-discriminatory way to all employees, and keeps the safe and healthy work environment. Our employees are being supported for every kind of personal development, social responsibility and activity. Haksan seeks a balance between work life and private life. For this purpose, among employees there are representatives are elected and any views of any employees are taken into account.
HAKSAN AUTOMOTIVE INC approaches within ethical rules also for its suppliers and carries out the audits in order to develop, educate and help them.
HAKSAN AUTOMOTIVE INC pays a great importance to the environment. And the proof for that is the establishing the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and its continually following.  All operations of the company are performed by taking into consideration the environment. 
HAKSAN AUTOMOTIVE INC always firstly thinks about healthiness and safeness of its employees, suppliers and customers in all steps of its operation. Moreover, it creates a safety environment according to Health and Safety Management requirements to prevent workplace accidents and diseases and continually follow it.

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